iSM500G Open field are well suited as a location for solar installations. Along with providing many square meters of surface area, they also have the space required to place the installations in the most favorable position facing the sun. iSM500G field PV mounting  system is flexible and can be easily adjusted to fit any space. This system is applicable to any type of surface. With the use of screw piles, concrete pads, driven piles and ballast, you’ll always have the right foundation for your situation.

•    304 stainless steel
•    Clamp system in portrait configuration.
•    Easy assembly
•    Any tilt angle possible
•    Available in short or long lengths, depending on the location
•    Available as kits
•    Holds one row of panels
•    Reduced wind load due to low height
•    Ideal for small surfaces or where there are height limitations
•    Maximum ease of installation due to a limited number of components
•    Very durable construction

iSM500G field PV mounting  systems is applicable to any type of surface. Depending on the nature of the surface, the foundation can be secured by screw piles, concrete pads, driven piles or ballast in the form of concrete bars. The primary aim is to achieve maximal stability




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